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About Us

We are a small orchard in Florida started by mango lovers who wanted more than the mangoes we get here in the US. The idea was brewing for a long time, and destiny brought together the individuals and families with nothing in common professionally but the passion for mango, the king of all fruits!

While mango is not a native of Florida, the soil and climate are unsuitable, so we had to adapt to make it a viable fruit continually. For example, we must address the biggest fungus challenge on the fruit that creates black spots. Though the spotting does not affect the taste in most cases, the mango could be more visually appealing. Hence, we must use FDA-approved fungicides and fertilizers for soil nutrition deficiency. We currently do not perform any post-harvest treatment of the fruit, and the mangoes ripen naturally. Some plans include establishing hot-water-treatment (HWT) that is expected to improve the spotting and other conditions that can introduce rot.

The orchard currently has ~ 1,800 mango trees, and the varieties include Alphonso, Kesar, Mallika, Carrie & Lemon zest. With minimal fruit processing, we have been getting excellent feedback from other mango lovers!

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